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We offer the best in care for every type of small animal including rabbits and guinea pigs, parrots and birds, hamsters, rats....even tortoises and terrapins!

Indoor pets are kept in our own home and live with us as part of our family for the length of their stay.  Our regular indoor pet guests include rabbits, guinea pigs, parrots, hamsters and exotic pets. At your request we will allow your pets to have the run of the family room for a period of time each day or remain in their cages, its up to you; obviously we take great care to ensure all rooms are secure before allowing any pet out.

All guests are fed a suitable species specific basic dry feed each day, once or twice at your request and fresh fruit and vegetables are also offered on a daily basis. You are of course free to bring your pets usual food if you wish.

We are occasionally asked to have exotic animals in our care which we are very pleased to accomodate, we can provide a 3 foot vivarium with suitable substrate and accessories although we do ask for heatlamps, UV lamps and any initial live food to be provided. We have boarded snakes, spiders, tortoises and bearded dragons and are knowledgeable in their care.

'Outdoor' pets are treated to roomy 3 to 5 foot hutches (we also have 4ft, 3ft and 2ft hitches) which are all under cover wihtin a large extention to our home and can easily accommodate 2 or 3 rabbits or guinea pigs per house (we have also housed ferrets and other animals in these). When the weather is pleasant we can also place your pet into an outdoors run each day (fully supervised). We usually have rabbits and guinea pigs in our outside accommodation but have also housed hens and tortoises here. Guests are visited at least four to five times a day and are cleaned each day and fed according to your instructions. We use dust free shreded paper (or shaving on request) and provide unlimited fresh meadow hay or 'ready grass'. All guests are fed a suitable species specific premium dry feed each day plus fresh fruit and vegetables are also offered on a daily basis. You are of course free to bring yout pets usual food if you wish. We also offer a nail clipping service and bathing/ trimming service for your small animals whilst they are in our care.

Please note all rabbits will need to be vaccinated against Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease. New clients will be asked to provide Veterinary Certificates and we regret without this we can not provide boarding for your rabbit.

IMPORTANT: Please do inform us of any illness or changes you may have noticed in your pet's behaviour prior to drop off. This does not automatically mean we will not board your pet, it just allows us to keep a special eye on your pet and to quaratine from others if necessary. Thank you.